The Marxist-Nkrumaist Forum is a sector of the Centre for Consciencist Studies and Analyses (CENCSA) which network is part of the ZIGKLAG NETWORKS SYSTEM. CENCSA is involved in research into philosophical and historical issues related to the achievement of independence in African neo-colonies and to the continued efforts to enhance and deepen that independence through the total liberation and unification of Africa under a socialist united People’s Republican State of Africa.

It originates from the late 1970s and early 1980s short-lived attempt of the People’s Revolutionary League of Ghana to initiate a process of building an alternative State power structure to replace the inherited colonial state power apparatus. It projects to open up Research Units in African countries and elsewhere as part of the mobilization and organizational drive to supplant imperialism and neo-colonialism for the purposes of the creation of the socialist People’s Republican State of Africa.


The Centre envisages the development of a united African Nation, under the socialist People’s Republican State of Africa restructured from the imperialist-inspired balkanized African society of neo-colonial states, in which the development of the individual is pursued to enhance all social individuals as ends in themselves and not as means to other’s fulfilment.


To encourage the initiatives of Africans towards the development of a new and socialist mode of production and its institutions of society away from, independent of and in confrontation with the inherited colonial and neo-colonial state power system with an orientation towards a revolutionary democratic replacement of that system in promotion of authentic African self-rule and all-round development.


To promote African focus on self-generation of resources throughout the process of developing independent institutions of development of the people  in all communities.

To encourage the enhancement of self-respect and confidence in the history and intellectuality of Africans.

To aid the self-organisation of Africans in their communities for popular decision-making and community self-defence in a bottom-to-top approach.

To encourage inter-community collaboration in the spread and observance of the cardinal ethical principle according to which every individual is treated as an end and not as a means.